Training of the birds are at the sole discretion of the Loft Manager and overseeing committee.
As birds arrive to the loft, they will be placed in a holding loft for approximately 3 to 5 days, before being introduced to the main loft. Mixing young babies with older squeakers is not desirable in a one loft situation as the older youngsters will dominate the younger birds, therefore we think it prudent that the younger birds be trained and fed separately for 2 or 3 weeks before being allowed to mix with the main group.
This 2 or 3 week period gives more opportunity for other undetected health problems to manifest.
If health problems do appear they will be confined, making it easier to control this group of birds.
Once all birds are homed to the loft we will commence training.
All birds entered in the Bundaberg One Loft Pigeon Races will compete in all races, if healthy and fit and provided they are fully paid for. No bird will be withdrawn for any reason other than genuine health or injury that would render the bird incapable of continuing.