The Bundaberg One Loft Pigeon Club is primarily about promoting pigeons and the sport of racing endeavouring to excite young and old flyers to keep this fine sport alive.

Four races are held anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks apart on Sunday’s weather permitting, and only held over for unforeseen circumstances with pigeon welfare our main concern. They are held on the North line from distances ranging from 200 – 550 Km.

All entry fees must be paid in full before Pigeons are accepted in the Bundaberg One Loft Race.

Minimum of 4 birds, [in your name or syndicate name] need to be entered to qualify as a member of the Bundabergoneloftpigeonclub.

You can send as many entries as you like.

Limit in Loft is 600 Birds.

Pigeon should be rung with the current year rings.

Lunch is provided for members on race days, however, any family or friends wishing to attend will need to pay a fee which will be advertised on Facebook. Bookings for attendance is essential for catering purposes 2 weeks prior to race.

Mr David Burgess is the loft manager. David has over 40 years’ experience with pigeons and has had many successful years both in Victoria and Queensland winning Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation Aggregate points, Victorian Homing Association Aggregate points, both Bundaberg Homing Pigeon Club, Bundaberg Racing Pigeon Club Championship points.

Maggie is David’s wife and is a support for him and the pigeons…

David’s love of pigeons is apparent as he will always put the health and safety before all else…